10 Latest Deathhawk Hairstyles Ideas for Modern Women

What is a Deathhawk haircut?

The Deathhawk is a distinctive hairstyle that embodies the rebellious spirit of punk and rock subcultures. Originating in the 1980s, this style is characterized by its short, spiky, asymmetrical cut, with sides that are shaved and a longer top often styled into a semi-dramatic point or “hawk.” It’s a variation of the Mohawk, but with a unique edge that made it popular among those looking to make a bold fashion statement. Unlike the traditional Mohawk, the Deathhawk incorporates longer hair on top, often styled in spikes or a textured look, emphasizing volume and a more dramatic appearance. This style is not only a symbol of rebellion but also a way to stand out and express individuality.

Creating a Deathhawk involves shaving the sides of the head and deciding on the length of the hair on top, which should be at least 4-6 inches long for the desired effect. After shaving, the next step usually involves bleaching the top of the head to achieve a distinctive color, often a stark white or silver, to give it the “deathly” appearance associated with its name. Styling products like gel or wax can be used to shape the hair into the classic Deathhawk form, slicking it back and ensuring it stands up to complete the look. Maintaining a Deathhawk requires regular upkeep, including shaving the sides, bleaching the top, and using styling products to keep it looking sharp​​​​.

In addition to the Deathhawk, there are several variations of Mohawk-inspired hairstyles that you might find interesting, each with its own unique twist:

1. Classic Deathhawk:

The classic deathhawk is the quintessential representation of this style. Characterized by its high, voluminous center strip and cleanly shaved sides, it’s often seen in jet black or with streaks of bold colors. To achieve this look, backcombing (teasing) and a generous application of strong-hold hairspray are essential. The classic deathhawk is versatile, suitable for both casual outings and more formal goth events.

2. Soft Deathhawk:

For those who prefer a less extreme version, the soft deathhawk offers a more wearable alternative. The sides aren’t completely shaved but are cut significantly shorter than the hair on top, which is lightly teased to create a softer, more flowing version of the deathhawk. This style is perfect for beginners or those who need to navigate more conservative environments.

3. Colored Deathhawk:

Color plays a significant role in the world of deathhawks. A colored deathhawk can range from vibrant hues like electric blue, hot pink, and radioactive green to pastel shades for a softer effect. Often, the color is applied to the tips or in streaks throughout the teased section, creating a striking contrast with the natural hair color or the black that typically dominates gothic hairstyles.

4. Mohawk-Deathhawk Hybrid:


This variation merges the rebellious spirit of the mohawk with the voluminous, teased look of the deathhawk. The sides are shaved clean, while the strip in the center is both spiked and teased, offering a blend of punk aggression and gothic drama. It’s a statement look that demands attention and a confident attitude to match.

5. Deathhawk with Undercut:

Adding an undercut to a deathhawk introduces an extra layer of edginess. In this style, the undercut is hidden beneath the voluminous center strip but becomes visible when the hair is styled up. This adds a modern twist to the deathhawk and offers a bit of practicality, making the hairstyle easier to manage and cooler to wear.

6. Accessorized Deathhawk:

Accessories can transform a simple deathhawk into a work of art. Think headbands, clips, chains, and even temporary hair tattoos placed along the shaved sides. Flowers or bows can soften the look, while spikes and studs emphasize its punk roots. The key is to balance the accessories with the hairstyle’s natural drama without overwhelming it.

7. Deathhawk with Bangs:

Integrating bangs into a deathhawk softens the facial features and adds a layer of sophistication to the hairstyle. The bangs can be straight and blunt for a more dramatic effect or soft and side-swept for a subtler approach. This variation is particularly flattering for those looking to balance the edginess of the deathhawk with a touch of elegance.

8. Long Deathhawk:

Who says a deathhawk has to be short? The long deathhawk extends the central strip down the back, creating a dramatic cascade of hair. This version requires more maintenance but offers a stunning visual impact, especially when the hair is teased to maximum volume or styled in waves or curls for a more romantic gothic look.

9. Deathhawk Braid:

Incorporating braids into the deathhawk introduces texture and intricacy. Braids can run along the shaved sides or be integrated into the teased section itself, offering a creative twist on the traditional style. This variation is perfect for those who enjoy experimenting with their hair and are looking for a unique take on the deathhawk.

10. Faux Deathhawk:


For those not ready to commit to shaving their sides, the faux deathhawk offers a temporary solution. By tightly braiding or pinning the hair at the sides and backcombing the center, one can achieve a deathhawk-like appearance without the permanence of shaving. This is ideal for special occasions or for trying out the style before making a more permanent change.

In conclusion, the deathhawk is more than just a hairstyle; it’s a form of self-expression and rebellion against the mainstream. Whether you’re drawn to the classic, dramatic look or prefer a softer, more wearable variation, there’s a deathhawk style to match your personality and lifestyle. Remember, the key to rocking a deathhawk is confidence. With the right attitude, any variation of this bold hairstyle can be a statement of individuality

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q1. What will happen when hair growth is uneven?

Ans: Growing out of Deathhawk hair is painful when you have decided to leave this style then trimming all the evenly will grow the hair consistently and after that user can opt for any style as per the choice.

Q2. Is this a lesbian’s hairstyle?

Ans: No, it’s a natural hairstyle for everyone. Lesbians carry this style because they want it that way, just a personal choice of everyone.

Q3. Is it necessary to keep hair short in a Deathhawk hairstyle

Ans: No, it is not, but it suits well with short hair so that style is visible and easily manageable. Most users prefer this style with short hair above the ears.

Q4. Is this a professional hairstyle?

Ans: Most schools and universities don’t allow this haircut at schools because the emergence of this style is from the war and soldiers used to carry this to show anger, aggression, and passion for the fight. So people who give this style are judges who are rebellious and extroverts from society.

Q5. Does my personality become rebellious after getting this hairstyle?

Ans: Everybody has a personality and getting a specific haircut cannot change it. Old men having Deathhawk hairstyle will not make them rebellious, but it was just a wish to have this style.

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